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Buyers Are Responsible for Inspections

Buyers Are Responsible for Inspections

Most first-time homebuyers don’t realize that they are responsible for the inspections. This means that, in order to get to the settlement table, they agree to hire the home inspector, have the inspections completed within a reasonable amount of time, and shoulder the cost.

Remember to leave yourself a sufficient time to pick an inspector and bring him out to view the property. Trust us, a home inspection is not something you want to rush through last minute. Do yourself a favor and leave a little wiggle room since you’ll likely be putting that timeframe in a binding legal document.

Financially, you need to budget for the cost of inspection services. While your initial reaction may be to balk at the price tag and wonder why the seller isn’t covering this cost, paying truly is for your benefit.

Think of it this way: The home inspector really works for you, not the seller. He or she is there to point out all the potential problems in the home. Even though it would be extremely dishonest, if the seller were to hire the inspector, there is a chance of the two working together to falsify the report. Since the seller has no impact on the inspector when you pay, you can rest easy knowing your report is sincere.